25 May 2021 · Tips & Guide

Buyers Guide to Purchase a New Vehicle


An 8-Step Guide to Purchasing a New Car

Buying a new car can take time and energy. If any car for sale promotion has caught your eye and you’re looking to purchase a new car then our 8 step guide will help you confidently decide on your new wheels.


1. What sort of car suits my needs?

Think about why you need a car. Do you drive mostly by yourself and in the city? Then a smaller car might work for you.

Do you have a family that requires flexible and adaptable cargo space for school drop-offs and weekend getaways? A large SUV may be the answer.

Whatever your day-to-day looks like, the car you choose should enhance your lifestyle.

2. Do I want petrol, diesel or hybrid?

Think about where and how far you will be driving your car. Do you hardly drive and mostly short distances? A petrol car might suit you best.

Do you travel to work every day and engage in a lot of stop-start city driving? Then a hybrid car might work for you.

Does your job or weekend hobbies require you to tow heavy capacities? A diesel vehicle may be the answer.

3. What is my budget for a new car?

It is important to work out what you can realistically afford. Here, you must consider what are the most important features you’d like in a car. These features may include:

  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Accessories

4. Should I trade-in my current vehicle?

If you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle, trading in your car is an easy way to get extra money to have a portion of the price taken off the new car.

Find out the value of your car with an instant car valuation.

5. What are my finance options?

Not paying upfront? No worries. A simple and convenient option is to finance with the dealership. Backed by banks and major finance institutions, dealers may offer lower interest rates than car loans and help lower your regular repayments with a balloon payment.

Learn more about your finance options with Toyota Finance.

6. What are the costs of maintaining a car?

It’s worth checking whether you are eligible for capped price servicing and an extra two years of warranty.

Toyota Service Advantage keeps the cost of your annual service at a capped-price for your first 3-5 years on the road, depending on your vehicle.

Toyota Warranty Advantage includes a 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty that covers any part, panel and accessory made by Toyota. Check with your local dealer if you are eligible for another two years of warranty.

7. What are my car insurance options?

A dealer can offer you a range of protection insurance – but each company is different, and may place different premiums on perceived risks, so be sure to do your research.

Find out more about your insurance options with Toyota Insurance.

8. What are my loyalty benefits?

It is worth checking with your local dealer about the benefits you can receive as a loyal guest. At Sydney City Toyota, our Toyota Exchange Program allows you to upgrade to a new Toyota for a lot less than you think.

Find out how you can drive home in a new Toyota with Toyota Exchange.

So, what are the benefits of owning a brand-new Toyota?

  • The latest and greatest technology, performance and safety features
  • Capped Price Servicing for your first 3-5 years on the road, depending upon your vehicle
  • 5 years new car warranty
  • Lower running costs
  • That new car smell