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28 June 2021 · Tips & Guide

Winter Health Check

Winter Health Check

The cold, wet, and rainy seasonal change can have a significant impact on the driving conditions of the road.

Ensure your vehicle is ready for this winter and ski season with these important tips.


1.   Check under bonnet fluids

Learn which fluids are essential to keep your Toyota running here.


2.   Check your battery is in good health

Learn how to conduct a battery maintenance check here.

3.   Check your tyres

If you’re visiting the snow fields, or driving on icy roads, you may need to buy or hire some snow chains to use.

We recommend reviewing the instructions and safety precaution documents of the manufacturer’s product you choose to buy or hire.

4.   Consider roof racks

If you’re travelling with large or heavy items including ski gear, it’s always a great idea to ensure that they’re out of the cabin and up on the roof.

At Sydney City Toyota, we offer a great range of genuine Toyota roof racks where you can store all sorts of things such as ski pods and sunshades.


Follow these tips and you should be ready to drive away safely on your winter holiday.

Ensure your vehicle is winter ready