Toyota Service Intervals at Sydney City Toyota

The Importance of Time vs Distance

Factory Trained Technician at Sydney City Toyota

If you don't do a lot of kilometres (and keep in mind the average Australian driver only does 14,600 [N14]  per year) you should have your Toyota serviced at Sydney City Toyota according to the recommended time based service intervals.

Short, stop-start journeys are one of the hardest forms of work an engine can endure.  Since the engine doesn't get up to optimal operating temperature for any real period of time it can't burn off the by-products of combustion. This can lead to a reduction in the oils efficiency to lubricate which, in turn, can lead to premature engine wear and possible engine failure.

Alternatively, if you use your car more regularly and drive more than the average distance then you will reach the kilometre interval first, therefore your servicing at Sydney City Toyota should be based on the recommended distance travelled. Remember, it's not only time or distance, it's whichever you reach first.

So if you're looking for a team of trained technicians to work on servicing your vehicle around Waterloo, then you need to see the team at Sydney City Toyota.